January 6, 2015

E-MAILiT Surpasses 200,000 WordPress Downloads

Make easier to increase your content distribution, generate revenue and measure social analytics.
E-MAILiT provides a simple, quick, and easy way to share your content, grow your audience, and create traffic back to your site.

E-MAILiT has been downloaded over 200k times by WordPress website owners from all over the world.

E-MAILiT is a profitable bootstrapped startup, with over 600 million widget loadings and over 300 million users to-date. Served 2.3 million share buttons per day and reached 1.2 million users per day.

Currently, our dev team is working hard to present to you, our Publishers, awesome features which will change the way you are sharing until today!

Have a WordPress site? Get up and running, edit or turn off without touching any line of code.
Installing E-MAILiT share plugin for WordPress

Thank you for using E-MAILiT sharing tools for your daily social networking experience!