May 17, 2016

New: the E-MAILiT Button Code Builder

Get the share buttons code for your website.

E-MAILiT well-engineered button code supports HTML5, CSS3, asynchronous loading, HTTPS / SSL, and is built for simple and powerful customization. There are so many combinations of settings when it comes to selecting the E-MAILiT button that is right for your website:

  • simple configuration controls allow you to display your choice of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc), as well as modify style, position, size, shape, color and order
  • use instantly responsive, large buttons, SVG icons, and retina-ready tools for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • quick to load, super-lightweight, and custom-colored share buttons will give your website a modern look and user friendly experience
  • etc

So to make it easier to select your buttons, we've created a cool social tool for building your sharing buttons, the E-MAILiT Button Code Builder.

As always, we appreciate your feedback!


The E-MAILiT Team