December 28, 2018

Switch to HTTPS and get back your total share counts

We offer a free and awesome feature for publishers using share counters.

Share Count Recovery

Move to HTTPS now and keep your social share counts, thanks to E-MAILiT. As websites transition from plain HTTP to encrypted HTTPS, publishers are finding that share counts reset to zero. This is because Facebook considers and to be completely different URLs. With E-MAILiT Share Count Recovery, it’s just a click of a button switch to combine counts for the HTTP and HTTPS versions of shared URLs. E-MAILiT’s new Share Count Recovery feature enables you to recover any missing shares that may have been lost in the HTTPS change. Once the Share Count Recovery feature is active, E-MAILiT will begin to fetch share counts for both URL’s, add them together and display the combined total.

Not yet using E-MAILiT Social Share Buttons on your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or HTML site? You do not need to have had E-MAILiT installed before your SSL switch. Share Count Recovery should work on any site at any time and activates immediately.

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